Attaktix-Demo tape 2015

A band with such name could be coming from the imaginary village of Asterix the Gaulois, try to figure Attaktix playing in front of a frantic audence of the epic rebelious village while Ovelix and the rest of gang having feast after beating the Romans once again, Anyway Attaktix come from Vilnus, capital city of Lithuania and this is their demo tape, recorded in 2015 and is a fresh new release of Deadmikke Records, a DIY label from Vilnus. The demo came out in only 35 copies and consists of five songs and nearly ten minutes of D-beat hardcore/crust with a few glimpses of metal popping up here and there in a few moments of each song (e.g. first track Uniformed Freedom has a Motorhead-ish feeling in the openig riff while some metal shredding guitar part appear later), the drummer leads each track in fast yet steady D-beat driven pathways with some slow parts, accompanied by the bassist while the vocalist sings/shouts in English and has rough voice, the sound quality is excellent. Despite the metal moments the band remains in punk territory all the time and the guitar works are the usual three chord riffs. All and all this is a decent recording of rough crust punk, this is available in bandcamp and from Deadmikke Records.


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