Crutches-FörlOrAD lp

Now here's something really good: FörlOrAD is the new lp by Crutches, after a five month process it was released this summer by a bunch of labels and consisting of ten D-beat blasts: The band is not unknown to Crust Demos since i have posted all their releases so far. The new lp comes in gatefold cover and in 500 copies (100 clear and 400 black) and is a co-release by some well known labels :Phobia, Distro-y, No Enough, Rawmantic Disaster, Up The Punx and Distro Rakkos, Music wise and once again the band delivers the goods with frantic and aggressive D-beat, blending the legacy of Discharge, Anti Cimex and Crude SS with the chaotic  noise and intensity of Disclose, Framtid and the likes, only Condemned is quit different with its spoken word and slow pace in the vein of Doom's Cults of Human Sacrifice and Prey for our Souls from Corrupt Fucking System. The sound quality is perfect, lyric wise there is strong anti-fascist, anti-nationalistic and anti-capitalist message in there, the singer shouts in english and swedish and there is a guest vocal and lyrics contribution by Alba, a 9,5 year young kid in the last track titled Pissregn:"Pissregn, rasistjävel, dra åt helvete!!!!!" Great! Once again we find Stiv from Visions of War in artwork (he made the artwork of Lurad lp a year ago). All and all FörlOrAD is rager, great music, great lyrics. nothing to complain about, This is available from the aforementioned labels and also in bandcamp for streaming.


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