Disbrigade is one man D-beat army from Quito, Equator,  Andrés the guuy behid this project started sometime in 2014 or so since all releases uploaded in bandcamp are dated in 2015, so far there are nine releases, including splits with Infërno,  Atomization and a cover song release as well. some of these came out as physical releases (One Man Army, Disnoise, Sobreviviente del Viaje Espacial, Aislamiento and split cd w Infërno came out on Pluteras Rec.s). Music wise Disbrigade delivers the D-beat of Discharge, Disclose, Besthoven and such bands. bringing hateful chords, empirical wisdom against authority, government and the world's decline. Really good noise,. As i said all recorded material is available in bandcamp, get it.


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