Repressione-Rumore e Rabbia

Repressione come from Bologne, Italy,  they are a a raw punk hc band with some crust, old grindcore influences, they are antifascists, antimachists, antiracists and overall anticapitalists. Rumore e Rabbia is a  diy low-fi rehearsal recording, this is their first recording and consists of ten tracks (incl, a Quinto Braccio cover) of raw and noisy punk, the sound is filthy and primitive, the singers shouts in Italian, songs are fast, short (hardly make it over one minute) and chaotic. The bands they mention as main influences are Negazione, Quinto Braccio, Tear Me Down and Wretched, these mixed with alcohol and noise create Rumore e Rabbia. As i said this is rehearsal and there will be a studion version of demo with better sound quality. The demo is available in bandcamp and there is a dnld link provided by the band, Repressione also appear in Resistance: ANTI​-​NSBM Volume 3, the comp. series of The Dark Skies Above Us collective from Greece


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