VA-Ungovernable Resistance Philippines​/​Syria; Vol 1....10

Ungovernable Resistance DIY Radio is a blog/radio show ran by Resistance, Patrick, Kez, Micke, & Erikka. We are a collective firmly adhering to DIY values and ethics with a strong emphasis on people. We feature everything from the underground community as a whole & not just one genre. So don't be surprised if we promote something different at times. Ungovernable Resistance covers the following & anything related to these genres: D-Beat, Grind, Crust, Power Violence, Crossover, HC, Punk, Thrash, Black Metal, Doom, Brutal Death Metal, Old School Death Metal, Death Metal, Sludge, Underground Hip Hop, and Reggae. News, promo posts, air play, interviews, & Ungovernable Resistance Radio downloads. Ungovernable Resistance DIY. Resistance music against the mainstream." The Philippines​/​Syria compilation series is a 10 volume comp. the project started during the late summer of 2013 aiming to raise awareness & support for refugees in Syria, and people suffering in the Philippines who lost everything in the earthquake. The whole project includes Ungovernable Resistance, Schizo Fanzine, Insetus Zine, & Two Beers Or Not Two Beers Records (8 Volumes by U.R, one by Schizo zine and one by Insets zine and Two Beers.. Rec.s). Ungovernable Resistance also supports Doctors Without Borders/M édecins Sans Frontières, they are an independent and neutral organisation providing medical and humanitarian aid across the world. You can donate directly to Doctors Without Borders via this link here. You can download all volumes from UR's bandcamp page, here 

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