Dödläge-1st ep

Dödläge (dead end in Swedish) come from Portland, Oregon and include members of Worthless Eaters. That's all i know about them since their farcebook hasn't any information.The 1st is obviously is their first demo and their Swedish name is a mark for their love for Sweden's D-beat raw punk: The ep was recorded a few weeks ago and consists of ten tracks of heavy, raw and brutal D-beat crust having its influences in Sweden's scene, actually they remind me the early version of Warvictims (When the Innocent Cry, Krigsoffer and Death is Inevitable era) and hell yeah, when i m in love with Warvictims how can i not like Dödläge?  The guitar has this thick, raw and heavy sound, the drummer bring D-beat beats all the time, the bassist brings distorted bass lines and the vocalist delivers deep low growls. When i first listened 'Persecution Complex' and 'Sexploitation' i was like "hey, this is a Warvictims song, isn't it?". Some songs are very short and last less than a minute, the sound is filthy, raw but decent. As conclusion i can say this is a strong and heavy release, there is no any novelty here, these guys took their influences from Swedish raw punk and brought something close to early Warvictims in sound and feeling. if you are into raw noise then this is for you


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