Diskobra-A Diskobra visszatér tape

Diskobra from Budapest, Hungary, started as one man band and as a project of a Human Error member and in February '13 he released the first demo (with the help of another guy in drum duties), one year later and Diskobra come back, they have become a three member band and A Diskobra visszatér (Diskobra's return or something like that) is the second release. Just like the first demo, this is recorded at Revolver Sound Studio, recorded and mixed by Ferencz Zsolt. Music wise it delivers six tracks of old school D-beat, very similar to the first demo, a worship to Discharge reminiscent 4Scums and (early) Distress (maybe because of the lyrics which are in Hungarian and sound similar to Russian. Speaking about lyrics, the lyrics deal with personal and sociopolitical issues of Hungarian society, there is a song about the insane law of being criminal if you are homeless, another song is about sheeple and a couple of songs deal with inner nightmares and emptyness, escapism via alcohol and such shit. Don't know if A Diskobra visszatér comes in physical copies, it is uploaded on bandcamp and there you will find the lyrics. All and all, Diskobra is just another D-beat band and you know what you are gonna get here: Old school pure D-beat coming straight from the '80's, nothing more, nothing less. I didn't see any site or farcebook page of band around this bandcamp page is the only source about them. Go give it a listening


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