Nightmare Visions-Demo 2014

Nightmare Visions is a D-beat duet from Corona, California, United States, two kids with a drum set and a guitar making raw D-beat noise: Not any info on the web about them and not much things in their farcebook page. The demo was recorded in 2014, in February or so and don't know if there are any physcical copies of it. The demo consists of five songs including the Massacred Millions cover, originally by Varukers. Sound wise this is raw, rough and primitive but isn't this the way raw punk should sould like? the guitar/drums combination is nice with beat changes and aggressive riffs and the lack of bass is almost unnoticed. Vocals are angry shouts. For the moment this is only available in Youtube, i don't know if there are any physical copies, actually i don't know if they continue as band after this demo. No matter what happens this is a nice little shit of aggressive and wrathful D-beat raw punk, give it a listening.


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NIGHTMARE VISIONS was also the name of the band that (most) of the ELECTRO HIPPIES were in, before & after, EH. More Metal than EH, but you can still hear that EH style in it.