Filthy Charity / The Butcher Project-Split 10"

This is a ten inch split with Filthy Charity from France and The Butcher Project . Filthy Charity are some veterans with almost 25 years history, i posted their come back release Return of the Bloody Old Vein back in 2009 when they returned from an almost ten years hiatus. Here they deliver seven tracks of grindcore with crust hints, their side moves in fast pace with some slower breaks, therer are shouted and screamed vocals and an old school nostalgic flavor in the whole thing, the guitar sound, the vocals,everything looks at the past. I like it. I said seven songs because their bandcamp page has seven songs but in Neanderthal Productions, the label behind this split (along with Enthropy and Abatos) has five tracks for their side.  The Butcher Project bring five tracks and they move in hardcore pathways with melodic and also rough vocals with a slight street punk and Oi! feeling with the sing along parts and the whoaaaaahhh choruses that pop up here and there. My ears got used the this melodic stuff much more easlily thani expected. Imagine Negative Approach or Defiance and you got these guys. All and all this is not something classic of something that can change the history of grind or streetpunk/ Oi! orientated hardcore but definitely has some good elemets to add. Co-released by Neanderthal Productions,Enthropy and Abatos.

Filthy Charity side
the complete 10" in Neanderthal Prods bandcamp

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