BEDA-Let The World Crumbles To Ashes & Happy Nation

BEDA is one man raw punk army from Belarus who's also behind the Evil Punk Records distro/label/zine: "After a total collapse and disintegration of some of my previous punk bands in 2008/2009 years, some time I have just doing my little underground diy distro / label / zine ... In autumn of the 2010th I helped with recording to my friend, and during this I decided to try recording something myself for interest, I took some unused material from my previous bands, and used artificial drums ... All of this resulted in the first record of BEDA, "Machine of pain and tears" ... Then, more aware, I have recorded the next material titled "Keep on dreaming ... The world is already dead ...". Also took part in some punk compilations ... After some unsuccessful searching of musicians ready to play loud, raw d-beat/crust and something like this, in autumn 2011th I record raw mini-album "Happy Nation" ... In future, I intend to continue operate with "BEDA", whether as a One man band, or all the same Beda reincarnated into a full command..." Happy Nation and Let The World Crumbles To Ashes are both available on bandcamp, Happy Nation was recorded in 2012 in a DIY studio and delivers five tracks of raging raw punk full of distortion, the sound is rough and filthy and vomits disgust and shit. Let The World Crumbles To Ashes is in the same vein of filthy and rotten sound with five pieces of raw noise, it came out as tape (Vomit, No Name) and as cdr (Evil Punk Rec.s). BEDA has band site, farcebook and ReverbNation, check them

Happy Nation
Let The World Crumbles To Ashes

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