Deszcz-Rain Keeps Falling

Deszcz come from Poznan, Poland and Rain keeps falling is their first recording, currently on bandcamp and soon as seven inch ep. I Don't know anything about Deszcz, their mail says "We are from Pozna┼ä, playing some dark crust/hardcore or just neocrust music. We are also vegetarians and antifascists, I think that all about us." Being Antifa and Veggy is nice and great and to me, social awareness is always a plus to someone's personality. Rain Keeps Falling was recently uploaded on bandcamp and consists of six tracks of neo crust in the vein of Ictus, Madame Germen, Ekkaia, Alpininist and others. In other words, this is black metal driven crust with screamed vocals, pessimistic lyrics, D-beat driven rhythm section and mournful guitar lines. The songs move in fast and some times even faster pace but pessimism and melacholy win all the time. Its like a desperate and futile escape from inner darkness and nightmares that always return. The first song, The Storm Is Coming is an instrumental with slow beginning, next is Afterlife which is a raging in agony neocrust fast song, No Sense starts with a catchy intro before turn into a fast rager,the same structure of slow beginning and then fast outbreak with some midpaced moments is followed in False Promises and Unwanted while The Grey' first half is in mid beat turns into a frantic hell There are not fillers here, all songs are in the same level. This is for fans of melodic crust/neocrust (Downfall of a Gaia, Inhuman Poison and such bands. This will come out as 7" soon. Download link is provided by the band

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