Deras Krig-Deafening D​-​Beat Destruction Tour Demo Tape 2013

Deras Krig is a raw D-beat trio from Santa Rosa/Oakland CA and Deafening D​-​Beat Destruction is their second demo tape, released by Shithammer for their tour  in summer 2013, their first demo was Systematisk Massmord, released in 2012. Having a name in Swedish and playng Raw D-beat is a great combination since it reveals the main infuences: Anti-Cimex ,Disarm, Mob 47, Svart Parad, Discard, Frigora, Disclose, Bombanfall, A Social, Anti-Bofors/(early)Disfear, Agoni, Dom Dar,Totalitar. Adding some Japanese flavor with  Dislike and Final Bloodbath and puttin all these under the flag of Discharge, it will give you Deras Krig's noise, all these bands are mentioned as their influences. Deafening D​-​Beat Destruction consists of four tracks and eight minutes of D-beat noise. Sound wise, this is filthy and raw in the usual standards for the genre with endless feed back of distortion, reverb and echo, shouted vocals, fast d-beat drumming and distorted bass and guitar. Song titles and lyrics are in Swedish. Overall this is a great piece of distorted raw punk heavily influenced by the Sweden's great bands of past and present. I don't need to rant any other shit, this is for fans of Raw D-beat noise punk. I  love this shit.  This is available for streaming on Shithammer's bandcamp, give a listening. Shithammer is run by a Side Effects member and has released some killer raw d-beat tapes (Ssyndrome, Side Effects, Bombsplinter etc)


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