Nocturnal Vigilantia-War is Crime 2014

Nucturnal Vigilantia hail from Budapest, Hugary and this is their "Valentines day gift to politicians, media moguls, CEOs, generals, security agencies, police forces, and churches all around the world!" War is Crime was launched on bandcamp in St Valentine's day and its a piece of political noise/grindcore, this is their first release of this band which conists of three members, a drummer, a guitarist and a vocalist (no bass here), they started in Bovember '13 and "the original idea was to make an incredibly noisy pure grindcore album, (We still do have a four second track), but we then incorporated crust elements into our work."  War is Crime consists of nine songs of political and primitive grindcore ,the mostly lenghty song last 1:57 and the shorted one for only three seconds. The sound is raw and seems to come from rehearshal recording, some songs start with political samples but there are also fun related songs such as the 3 second "Grindcore is the Purest Form of Art Known to Man". The whol thing reminds of the old primitive grindcore from late '80's of early Agathocles and Fear of God: Noise, noise and then noise again and again, the sound engeneering (or the lack of it) seems to have been done by the band in and the recording sounds like a live in a basement so the whole shit  is rough and raw. I wish only there were the lyrics in bandcamp (guys,please put them there!) since th song titles "Self Destructive Stupidity" or "As Seen On TV" sound very cool to my ears. Anyway no more ranting, go and listen some old and primitive grind.



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thanks for the kind words!

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Ez nagyon lelkesítő, vidám zene!
Csak így tovább fiúk!!