Bluntshit-Demo 2014

Bluntshit is a three piece hardcore act from Beerlin, Germoney and this is their first demo. I don't know much about them since their farcebook page has not any information. Anyway, the demo came out in January '14 and music wise blending a handhul of genres and deliver a mixture of hardcore heavinly polluted by punk and crust: There are some parts where the band falls from hardcore into crust territories, there are even some moments of neo-crust hints (Alle Schockiert, Nichts Passiert and in the end of GMRE) and straightforward d-beat driven crust (PitShit, which is a song about the macho behaviour in gigs), but they mostly walk in hardcore pathways (60€, DBSB) delivering heavy hardcore with angry shouted vocals full of power, lyrics are mostly in German but there are some song with lyrics in English, the guitar delivers heavy riffs and there are some nice leading parts (check the final part of Revenge of Stench), The demo consists of eight songs and lasts nearly thirteen minutes, track #7, VDH is a seven second. microsong. The sound quality is excelent, it helps the band to deliver the goods and all instruments sound in place. All and all this is a decent effort for hardcore fans and people who like genre blending. I didn'nt see any information about physical copies of it but you can stream and download it for free in bandcamp. The band is going to for a mini tour in March and April in Germany. My apologies for the long delay to post this..


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