Nequient-Not Being Able Demo 2014

Nequient hail from Chicago, United States and Not Being Able is their fresh new demo, the band includes people who were in a shitload of bands such as Blood of the Tyrant, Deus Absconditus, Heaving Mass, Lost Dog, Nucleus, Trifog and Urethra Franklin & the Ghetto Children. The band started back in 2012 but nothing was recorded until late '13 when they finally found the drummer and the vocalist they wanted. Not Being Able is their first demo, it was recorded in bassist's basement and by using only 4 mics, it consists of six tracks and despite the melodic crust bands they list as influences in their farcebook page (Disfear, Skitsystem, Wolfbrigade, Victims, etc) they are more into D-beat crust area of Doom and the grinding crust territories of Disrupt than the melodic crust since they infiltrate their inspiration in sickening distortion and deliver a grind/crust inferno that is closer to Disrupt and Doom stuff than the other afforementioned bands by bringing shredding guitars and bass, rough vocals spitting political lyrics and fast pounding drums that lead the songs with fast running pace. There are five own songs plus the cover of Dog Eat Dong, originally by Disrupt, sound is decent. Overall, this is a really nice piece of ferocious and aggressive grinding crust for fans of Disrupt, Doom, Hiatus and the likes. Not Being Able is available for free in bandcamp. My apologies to the band for the delay.


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