Castration Rite/Nihilist Holiday-split tape 2014

This is a split tape with two grindcore bands: Someone will say "no biggie, just another split", yes there are hundreds split tapes around, but when one of the bands come from Pakistan then this is an extraordinary release: About a month ago i  posted Kafir-E-Azam/Bvlghvm-split cd with two bands coming from this country, now here's a thrid band from this place of world: Nihilist Holiday is a duet including one guy from Kafir-E-Azam, they are a noise/grindcore project and here they contribute four songs, four pieces of brutal noise, as i said in Kafir-E-Azam/Bvlghvm the importance goes beyond music and is in the fact the band comes from a place and a country with its own particularities and to form a band, to create an underground scene is extremely diffult. Congruts to the guys for what they are doing. On the other hand we have Castration Rite who is one man grindcore project from Baltimore, MD,United States with a shitload or releases under his belt and delivers total noise full of anger and hate against any melody and harmory, this is brutal and ferocious as hell and consists of 14 songs and none of it makes it over one minute, Overall i could say both bands deliver old school grindcore in the vein of early Agathocles, Fear of God etc The split comes housed in cardstock-like O-card, this is completely DIY release and limited to 50 only copies, you can score a copy via Subsidence Recordings. Both bands uploaded their songs in bandcamp and there is also a download link, go get it.

dnld link
Nihilist Holiday
Castration Rite

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