Kapakmens-Anti Pozitivs

Kapakmens (tombstone) was formed in March, 2013. Band members come from many Latvian metal / hardcore / punk bands and have been involved in the scene since late 90ies / early 2000. Most distinguished other acts where members are currently involved in are the Latvian extreme thrash metal band Collide, the crust/black metal band Wagars and the punk/hardcore band Kastete. Lyrically, Kapakmens could be described as affected by inevitable death, deceived by oppressive artificial positivity, weary of capitalist realities, struggling for conscious responses to the world. Anti-Pozitivs comes in cd format and consists of sixteen tracks of metal driven hardcore or extreme metal with hardcore influences. Because of the metal driven guitar riffs, this stands rather in the metal than the punk/hardcore side of things but there is a heavy hardcore feeling floating over there. Anti-Pozitivs is available on bandcamp along with the lyrics (in Latvian language, unfortunately there's no translation in English). Song titles are in Latvian, some titles translated in English are: Zombies of Positivism, Disco of Death, Burried, Marionettes, Strange Book etc etc


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