Doomed Again-Democracy (R.I.P.)

What happens when a bunch of grinders and deathgrinders decide to form a D-beat band: Well, Doomed Again happens: Doomed Again is new band from Thessaloniki, Greece and includes members of Slaktgrav (ex-Slaughtergrave) and Head Cleaner (deathgrind band) who put aside their mincecore and grindcore madness and deliver some shit that follows the legacy of Discharge, Anti Cimex, Shitlickers, Extreme Noise Terror etc. The band was formed in summer of 2012 but Democracy (R.I.P.) which is their first release, came out a year later in 2013 as pro-CDr, it consists of seven songs (including Doom's Exploitation cover) of old school D-beat crust and includes the lyrics. There is no any reinvention of wheel here but some clever hardcore riffs and angry shouted vocals, driven by D-beat drumming and heavy pounding bass, all full of energy and power. The sound quality is excellent, lyrics deal with antiwar, anticapitalist, antirelegious and antifa topics. Exploitation is a great cover. There is nothing to complain about, the only bad thing here is that there are only seven songs, wish there were more.The cd was released by Clean Head Productions and Angry Owl Records and is almost sold out but is available on bandcamp for your listening pleasure. Hope to listen more by them soon. This is the promo vid of track #4 Warzone, check it. No more ranting, time for some D-beat!


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