Time for some heavy and emotional sludge with loads of crust influences: Glaskow based doom metal monsters Sunsmasher strike back with Hell/Noise/Church which is their first release after the Mammothian/Loud/Cult demo from 2011 (posted here). After the very positive reviews of demo they shared the stage with some "big" names such as Dragged Into Sunlight, Monarch and others, during 2012 and '13 some line up changes took place and thus Hell/Noise/Church sounds slightly different to their demo. Including three tracks and total running time nearly seventeen minutes they deliver their usual heavy as hell of doom metal inspired by the misery and painful tunes of Electric Wizzard, Swans etc and they add a flavor of crust and aggression in their sludge swamp of darkness, pain and despair. Redeemer is my fav track here. Imagine two wounded mamoths in pain, fighting each other and destroying everything around them. This is Hell/Noise/Church. Recorded at Riverside Music Complex with Kevin Hare (Black Sun), mixed by Kevin Hare and Sunsmasher  mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate/O.L.D.). A great piece of crust influenced doom/sludge, heavy as an unbearable weight in someone's soul and heart. This is available on bandcamp. Catch them on stage and catch the dark spirit they reflect.


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