Kashyyyk - Purpose Escapes ep

Here is a band with a strange name: Kashyyk come fom Arizona, United States, they formed in 2010 and they are a grindcore/powerviolence/dbeat/crust kinda band with Dune references and some breakdowns. Purpose Escapes is their second release after a cassette released earlier this year and consists of four songs, two new and two take from their debute tape and re-worked/re-recorded. Music wise the epe delivers a blending of the aforementioned genres with crust outbreaks followed by slow emotional and almost doomy breaks or frantic grindcore passages, D-beat driven rhythm section and dual rough brutal vocals. Lyrically there is a slight connection with Dune movie/novel with references to Arrakis and other shit. Kashyyk also known as Wookiee Planet C, is a planet in Star Wars universe and homeland of  Chewbacca and Wookies. (yes we learned something different today lol lol). The whole shit lasts nearly nine minutes. Purpose Escapes is available on bandcamp along with the lyrical content, you can also purchase some shit from the band via their bigcartel site. All and all, i could classify them as dark hardcore crust with grindcore/powerviolence elements but don't rely on my bullshit opinion and go on and listen them. Download link is provided by the band.

bandcamp there
bigcartel here
dnld link there

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