Culto del Cargo-Nel nome dell'uomo la tecnica macina carne 7'' (2014)

Culto del Cargo is a D-Beat / Hc band from northeast of Italy ,they formed in 2010, Featuring members of several band of their local scene: "We are into the DIY punk and hardcore scene, so we love to play in squats, anti-fascist and self-managed places. Things are changed in Veneto compared to 15 years ago: there aren’t many punk or hardcore bands, and is very hard to find a place to play for. There some places to play; but sometimes cops have something to say... We have played (and playing) in a lot of bands. Here you are a list: Gelo, Caprosmorto (R.I.P.), Corporation of Consumption, Carlito , Timothy (a sort of Entombed/hc style), Terrorarium (grindcore), Cimex (anarcho-punk) (taken from Mustard Relics). Nel nome dell'uomo la tecnica macina comes as seven inch vinyl limited to only 500 copies, self-released by the band, this is their second 7" after the eponymous ep, released in 2012 in 300 pieces, (posted here). Nel nome... delivers six songs of rough d-beat driven crust/hardcore with dual vocals and lyrics in Italian. This is simillar to their first ep in matter of heaviness and roughness and slightly more into D-beat crust with less grinding elments. Download link is provided by the band and includes the artwork front/back cover, inner artwork and a pdf file with lyrics (a translation in English would be great)


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