Scalps-Serenades Of An Abomination(Escape Goat,2014)

Time for some heavy as hell shit: Scalps come from Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, they are a dark hardcore/doom quartet with three guys and one girl handling bass duties. Serenades Of An Abomination is their new release on Escape Goat Records, it came out in February '14, this is their second release afte the split with Sickpigs (here and there), released in 2012 by Escape Goat too, they repeated on a shorter EP in 2013. Serenades... consists of seven tracks of heavy and dark dom/sludge with loads of hardcore influences. This is heavy, soultormenting and sorrowful, lyric wise thigs are glooy too as the band describes inner nightmares: "All your heroes are dead/And their blood is on my hands... My home is nowhere - This journey has just begun...". Three song appeared also in their split with Sickpigs. All and all this is a piece of heavy doom/sludge which drills it ifluences from hardcore and doom territories, for fans of Eyehategod, Nails and Monkeys and such bands. "Have you seen the power of the condor as it flies off with your child in its talons?the beauty and peace a wolverine experiences as it tears and gnashes through bone and viscera? this is Scalps. Escape Goat Records is a cool label run by Alex and has a bunch or releases, (Nine Worlds, Sure Thing of the Nail, The Delphic Quorum etc) all available in bandcamp, check them.


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