Boddiker-False Flag tape 2014

Named after the villain guy Clarence “Can you fly Bobby” Boddicker from Robocop movie, Boddiker is a quartet who come from old Detroit and now live in Indianapolis and False Flag is their new six song cassette, we have met them before when i posted their split with Kata Sharka and Mitch is The Bastard, here, the split with Kata Sharka was recently re-released as 7" by Profane Existence and Reality Is A Cult Records under the title David Lee Gorgoroth. False Flag came out in 100 pieces of red cassettes, Professionally duplicated on SKMA chrome tape. Double j-card printed 1 color on one side, black and white on other side, polywrapped in a clear norelco box. The cassette came out in January 2014 and was released by Ritual Knife, a label run by the band's bassist. According to a Boddiker interview in Cvlt Nation, Root of Evil is going to re-release False Flag. Music wise, the cassette delivers six songs and nearly thirteen minutes of crusty death thrash, blending crust and grindcore with powerviolence and adding some death thrash flavor that makes the whole thing rough, grinding and brutal, imagine Magrudergrind meets Spazz and Early Graves. This is sick and sonically nauseous. The tape is available in bandcamp and can be order directly from the band via mail (here). Boddiker were Terrorizer's Band of the Day in January '13, check it here.


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