Wolfhour-Dulce Bellum Inexpertis ep

Now here is something really good and worth to check out: Wolfhour is a new band from Sweden formed by people who were in Slaktattack, Anti Cimex and Blisterhead, i discovered them a few months ago when i friend suggested me to give a listening in a couple of track in their bandcamp page and when i did i really liked them. Now they released their first ep (for the moment in digital format), about a year after their formation as a band. Dulce Bellum Inexpertis is in latin and means "war is sweet to those who have never experienced it", its a quote from Pindar and made famous by Erasmus. The ep starts with an intro that reminds Wolfbrigade and soon turns into a fast raw punk anthem with some shredding leading guitar parts, the following tracks continue with straight-in-to-your-face raw noise attack in fast yet steady and sometimes faster pace and the whole thing reminiscent a blending of Anti Cimex, Slaktattack (3/5 is Slakatack members), Driller Killer, etc, the sheadding leading parts appear again in War and Torture while the last track, Bombs Away, is a fast thunder, maybe the faster track of ep, (and no, this is not a Driller Killer cover). Sound quality is decent and let the band deliver the goods. All and all this is great and much promising debute, they don't reinvent the wheel and as they state "We got one purpose only: to play raw punk the way we like it. Nothing complicated but still with some kind of own sound to it". As i said before, Dulce Bellum Inexpertis is a digital release and can be found in Spotify and iTunes and also in bandcamp, i hope to see a physical release of it soon. No more ranting, go and listen it.


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