Karne de Cavalo-demo (ensaio ao vivo) 2013

A small break from hiatus with a bunch of posts. i saved some free time and consumed it in these posts as well in 7inchcrust blog for some upcoming posts in next weeks (Shitlickers, Framtid, some Japanese 7 inch compilations etc) , as for the bands who don't see their works here yet, i will post your stuff as soon as i can, within next week (hopefully). So lets hit the road with this one: I can't say much about this shit,  Karne de Cavalo is a duet from Brazil and this is their demo from 2013, they formed in 2012 and this is their first work. 10 tracks of cacophonous noise, fast and thrashing, including one intro and some songs, short as fast that last a few seconds each. This is rehearshal recording, distorted and raw and delivevers so much filthy, primitive and rough noise that leaves no place for any criticism on it. For lovers of extreme underground noise. this is available in bandcamp for free, apart from farcebook, the band has a page in palcom, there


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