Warfuck-Neantification lp 2013

Warfuck come from France, they are a grindcore duet and here's Neantification, their fresh new lp co-released in 2013 by 16 labels (yes, sixteen labels), they formed in 2011 by by guys who were/are also in Obnoxious, Lovgun and Rising Terror, their first release was The Weak And The Wicked lp/cd, it came out in February 2012 and was followed by Neantification lp in 2013. They appeared in several fests incl. Obscene Extreme, Grind The Nazi Scum and others. Neantification comes on clear vinyl and consists of fifteen tracks, i googled the world  "Neantification" but there is no such word. then i found in a review the word "néant" which means void, seems they put "-ification" in the end and created a new french-eglish word. Anyway, the record delivers fifteen songs and brutal grindcore in the vein of Nasum, Magrundergrind, Rotten Sound etc As expected there are super fast bashing drums, shreding guitars, ugly screamed vocals and unleashed brutality. This is pure grindcore with the exception of  Néant which is an almost crust/neo-crust mid-paced instrumental. The sound is well worked, guitar is thin and both instruments are well mixed making the lack of bass not to be so obvious. This is for fans of Nasum, Rotten Sound and extreme grindcore of '90's. Both Warfuck releases are available in bandcamp, there is also a mediafire link provided by the band. As i said there are sixteen labels behind this record, there is a complete list and links here.


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