When i received a mail from H. asking me to post this split it was a big surpise, not because the noise maker bands, this is usual here but because of the country of origin. Kafir-E-Azam and Bvlghvm come both from Pakistan and they are the first bands that i dig from this country. Honestly if i were asked before about it my reply would be "well, i don't know but i guess there must be a handful of bands there" but the truth is there is an underground movement in metal and punk. Kafir-E-Azam is a grindcore band and was formed by the guitarist of Sludge Metal band Myosis and the vocalist of Foreskin (thrash metal), Multinational Corporations (Crust/Grind/Hardcore), Nihilist Holiday (Noise/Grind/Punk). The two of them have been friends for a very long time and wanted to play raw old school grind about politics of Pakistan. The band was formed in 2013 and was featured in the Pakistan Punk casstte compilation by Tam89 Records called Nevermind the Taqwacores.Bvlghvm is formed by a member of Black Metal/Shoegaze band Necktarium as he wanted to play Powerviolence stuff. They also fetured in the Tam89 Compilation. Both bands appeared also in Politicians Appointed Death comp. Music wise the split is a shit of ferocious noise, Kafir-E-Azam contribute nine pieces of relentless and chaotic grindcore reminding the primitive brutality of Fear of God and the Rotting Christ/Sound Pollution stuff from their split in late '80's. Bvlghvm bring five tracks and deliver simillar noise blending grindcore and powerviolence, delivering the same levels of chaos and atrocity. All songs are fast outbreaks and short as farts. the most lenghty song lasts 1:28". Overall this is a piece of old school grindcore, for fans of pure noise who love this type of shit but the most important thing is existence of a scene in a country as Pakistan, a place with its own particularities. The split is available for free in bandcamp. Thanx to Hassan for sending this release and best wishes! For more about Pakistan and Asian extreme music, check Eternal Abhorrence blog, its the blog that interviewed Doom



The Earslaughterers said...

That's fuckin sweet mate! That's why I love punk-rock.

7inchcrust said...

this was a sweet discovery to me too!