Suffer the Pain-Face of Doom & Nuclear End

Suffer the Pain is not unknown band here, i posted their The Death, The Last Massacre demos and Live @ Bankiren, for those who are not familiar with the band, Suffer the Pain come from Västerås, Sweden and blend Swedish Death metal with crust punk and deliver a thrashy mixture of these genres. Here we have two vinyl releases, the Nuclear End/Black Goat Chant split 7" with Bombs of Hades and Face of Doom 7". The split 7" was released by Doomentia Records, i don't know Bombs of Hades, a quick google searching says they are a bastard breed of death metal, crust and D-beat (sounds interesting..), simillar to Suffer the Pain stuff. Suffer the Pain contribute three songs of their familiar blending of crust and death metal, with the usual death metal driven  riffs, inspired by Dismember, Entombed and such acts but played in a thrashy way that gives breath to a punk feeling that lies beneath. Death metal orientated crusties will like this shit. Face of Doom is not released yet, it will come out on Phobia Records from Czech Republic and will consist of five tracks including an amazing cover of Motorhead's Killed by Death, there are only two tracks available for streaming, World of Evil is a nice piece of thrashy crust/death metal, not different to the stuff of Nuclear End but with a slight approach more into crust fields than metal so i like it a lot, Motorhead's classic is well played and there is absolutely no shit to complain about it, the remaining three songs must be in the same vein i guess and if stand in the level of World of Evil then this is fukin great record.  The StP side from split and two songs from Face of Doom can be found in bandcamp. Black Goat Chant / Nuclear End came out in 2013, Face of Doom will come out in a couple of months, there is/will be also a tape version of both records, released by Krig Tejps, the band's own label.

Face of Doom
Nuclear End

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