Ex Craw-Extant

Ex-Craw come from Perth, Australia and Extant is their latest recording, they started back in 2008 or so as The Craw and released Figure 241. Single Abdominal Wound (Live Fast Die Young) cd in 2008, the 2009 demo, a four way split cd with Projekbabi, KrassKepala and Deathgrenade and the Primitive thrash split 7" with  Deathgrenade, they changed their name to Ex-Craw and released Extinct demo in 2011 and here is Extant, their latest recording from 2013. There are not physical copies of Exant, it was released by Anti Machine Records, a bandcamp label with  online releases and perhaps occasionally split releases, this is the last release of Ex-Craw under this name, they will be known as No Survivors from 2014 onwards. Extant consists of eight songs (including one intro) of powerful hardcore with catchy guitar riffs and amazing leading parts (check Only Death Will Last Forever which is my favorite track), most of songs move in fast and faster speed, only the intro and Servants have this mid-paced beat. This is totally DIY release, recording and mixing were made by one of band's guitarists. All and all this is a honest effort full of power and energy and much better than my expectations, it's been a long time since i m not into hardcore but i really liked that, if i were to make a hardcore cdr compilation i would put a couple of tracks from Extant. This is available on bandcamp along with other releases of Anti Machine Records, it will be a shame if this never come out in physical format


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