Rats Blood-8 track demo (tape 2012)

Rats Blood hail from Dublin, Ireland, they formed in 2011-12 and include members of Putrefaction and Contort, this eight track tape is their first release, it came out sometime in 2012. They had a tour in Europe in summer '13, in Spain, France and Switzerland, right after the release of their Punks is Mutants 7"  by Distroy Records. The 8 track comes in red cassette including lyrics and liner notes in the inlay of cover  and delivers relentless raw hardcore: Rough shouted vocals drown in reverb and echoes, fast bashing drums and catchy bass lines and guitar riffs, all create a sonic hell reminding the Swedish hardcore of Totalitar and Avskum. Considering the past of members in other bands, this is completely different to the crust of Putrefaction and Contort's noize, actually the only simillarity is the reverb'ed and echo'ed vocals that sounds the same as Contort's singer (is this the same guy?). The recording has an old school sound as if it were recorded sometime in '80's. The tape was co-released by the Dublin based Deathbiter and Headwrecker Records from London and run by an Irish guy. Overall this is wrathful, aggressive and angry scandi-hardcore, "pissed off with the murky doldrums that Ireland is in right now, with searing diatribes making up the lyrics and harsh but true messages to be found scrawled on the tape’s liner notes about Irish culture and society" (from Cvlt Nation),  in the vein of Avskum, early Anti Cimex and Totalitar. Give it a listening in bandcamp.


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