Project Dekadenz-D-Day Apocalypse (tape, 2013)

Project Dekadenz is a five piece crust band from Estonia, they formed in 2010 and their first release was Bullets of Peace in 2012, D-day Apocalypse is their second one and came out in September 2013. They have shared the stage with several bands such as Wagars, Antimelodix, Active Minds and others, i remember them from the recently released Dis Freedom Struggle Continues comp of Freedom Punker. D-day Apocalypse came out on cassette in 100 copies, in two cover versions (black version and white one), it is sold out and there are not any plans for second pressing. Music wise it delivers twelve tracks of D-beat driven metallic crust, blending Driller Killer, Anti Cimex (of '90's), Guided Cradle, Disfear and such acts. There are some really interesting songs here, sound quality is decent, the guitar has a slight metallic feeling, the singer screams in English and the verses deal with topics such as homophobia, police cruelty, religion, violence, animal rights, right wing bullshit etc, there is shit enough to read there, lyrics can be found in artwork. Really good stuff. The cassette was released by Destroy Sounds Records, a distro/label from Russia, with several releases under their belt (Warborn, Distress, Repression Attack, ПАРТиЯ, Diswarp etc). All and all this is a decent and honest release and these guys love what they do. Project Dekadenz has a bandcamp page where you can find their releases along with the lyrics. Thanx to S for sending this.


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