Barren Hope-Anaffa cd

Barren Hope send their greets from Haifa, Israel.i know almost nothing about the scene of this country, just a couple of bands so this place is uncharted area for me. Anaffa is their first cd, released in 2014 in 100 hand-numbered copies by Shalosh Records, band's own label which is also some sort of a graffiti/art/music collective. Members were in several bands such as Friday Night Sissy Fight, Knifed, Sckhinn, Ha'Bait Reik. Anaffa consists of eight songs of heavy emotional post hardcore with sludge and screamo elements and some crust hints flashing from time to time, all nicely mixed. This is full of intensity with slow emotional parts following fast outebreaks of energy and then there is a come back to sludgy hell, the singer screams his lungs out about personal nightmares (can't remember anything  All of my mistakes and sorrows  This yellow brick road will be my guidance  A pack of high immune rats  Drinking its poison, admiring every drop). This is dark and sick. There are only a few crust parts, the songs change tempo all the time but always keep agony in the same level. Bands they mention as influences are Punch, Alpinist, Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, This Will Destroy You, Masakari, Magrudergrind and Orchid. All and all, this is piece of sinister post hardcore and genre fans will love it. Anaffa is on bandcamp for streaming and you can score a copy directly from the band, Barren Hope are going to tour in Europe this year and also are going to record new songs.


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