Killing Technology-Passage beyond 2013

Killing Technology is one man band from  New Jersey, United States, formed by T Warrior and Passage Beyond is his first demo recorded in autumn 2013 and released a few days ago. The demo consists of eight songs including one intro with atmospheric industrial sound effects and Darkthrone's Cromlech cover. Music wise this is a blending of metal and punk with death metal elements mixed with D-beat, catchy breaks, metal hints and hardcore/punk parts, and all these behind a vocular Armaggedon and a gloomy story since lyric wise there is a science fiction related concept, a post-apocalyptic story of  the twilight of civilization that makes the whole shit interesting. In short i 'd say after reading the lyrics, this is the story of dying earth and the attempt of humans to leave the planet for another world far in the sky, the cover artwork somehow reflects this story. Sci-fi metal punk or something like that. Sound wise this is raw and filthy, Darkthrone cover is the last song, is well covered and maybe one of the top tracks of Passage Beyond along with the eponymous song. A variety in drum beat with slower or midpaced parts or the use of samples would work nicely here since this is a concept shit, its just my opoinion. This is a demo in totally DIY spirit since all works (recording, perforiming, mixing, mastering,whatever) is done by T Warrior so thumps up and cheers to this guy. All and all Passage Beyond is a decent effort and despicte the lyrical content this is neither awkward nor out of place. This is available for streaminig and downloading in bandcamp  for free


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