Bakounine-st lp (2013, FFC, Subversive Way, Tanker, Keep the Rage, Emrenadur, La Société Pue)

Bakounine come from Bretagne, France and this is their first vinyl record, we first met them back in 2011 when i posted their Drum Machine Years discography cd and later when i posted their second demo . In a brief account of the facts, they formed in 2008, recorded a demo and split cdrs and sometime in 2010 they left the drum machine back home, they added a drummer, they started playing in several gigs and recorded their second demo, in 2013 they became a quartet since they added a new singer and recorded the tracks for their vinyl record. The record was released by FFC Productions, Subversive Way Records Tanker Records, Keep the Rage, Emrenadur Records and La Société Pue Productions and is for sale in very cheap price, only 5 euro for sixteen songs.Its a nice surprise to see a vinyl from a band that used to release cdr's or tapes so far. There is also a cd version offered by the band for free. Music wise and as expexted this is furious D-Beat crust with fast pace that sometimes get faster, shouted vocals and the usual distortion in the guitar. To have an idea what they sound like, i 'd say this is not much different to their second demo but an improvement in their music and whole shit is obvious. Just like their previous releases their songs are in Italian and not in French. No novelties, no other genre blending here, just pure D-beat. All and all this is nice effort and considering what the vinyl surface brings, the sixteen song tracklist and the low price, this is not a waste of money at all. There is a dwnld link here provided by the band or you can contct them for the cd version.


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