Agasia-Vieraantuneet 2013

Agasia is a quartet from Turku, Finland and Vieraantuneet is their first demo ep, recorded in autumn 2013 and is going to come out on tape format soon, i don;t know much about the band so lets focus on the music: Vieraantuneet consists of only three songs but it last twenty minutes delivering emotional and melodic crust mixed with post hardcore parts: The first two songs begin with a slow paced emotional post hardcore part reminding the atmospheric passages of Fall of Effrafa, Alpinist and the likes, and in time escalate in to crust outbreaks full of mournful melodies, catchy riffs and the usual fast D-beat drumming, reminding the usual suspects: Ekkaia, Downfall of a Gaia, Ictus etc. The 3rd song follows a different way as it starts with mid to fast pace part full of energy and ends with a slow grand finale. The changes from slow to fast are great, the vocalist screams his lungs out in desperate yells, lyrically the songs deal about how people alienate themselves from the nature and cause of the alienation they finally start to fear, thus the title of ep, Vieraantuneet (Alienated). You can find the lyrics in bandcamp, they are in Finnish and unfortunately there is no translation, the sound quality is excellent and in the level of official release. This is great post crust, neo crust, melodic crust, no matter what you call it this is really good, melodic and heavy, emotional and D-beat-ish when it has to, pessimistic and melacholic. This is brilliant recording. I can't find any site of them only their bandcamp where they offer the ep for free and a post in farcebook about a tour by them starting just before Crustmass.


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