Tribünal-All Hope Is Lost (tape 2013)

Tribünal is one man band from  Hannover, Germoney and All Hope is Lost is his latest release after the debut FTW in spring 2013. "Tribünal started in April 2013 and is a raw hardcore one man band, raw dbeat - nothing fancy, no gimmicks, only primitive and brutal hardcore-punk. Recorded, mixed and mastered 100% DIY by S, for fans of  AntiCimex, Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade, Driller Killer, All Pigs Must Die, Warvictims."  FTW came out on bandcamp  as mp3 and as 3" cd in slim case, All Hope is Lost comes out in cassete format (and is also uploaded in bandcamp),  inlc. black/white j-card. First run of 30 come as a black tape. The tape-edition includes an immediate download of the album. The cassette delivers five tracks and one intro and lasts seven minutes, music wise delivers crusty hardcore similar to FTW but this time there is improvement in everything, there is much more power and energy, the leading guitar/solo parts are here too and there is more aggression in music and less distrotion in vocals. Sound quality is decent and delivers the goods, it sounds like a rough and raw version of Anti Cimex and Warvictims and from time to time these guitar solos pop up here and there or in chorus parts reminding Wolfbrigade and work really nice. All and all this is a decent tape, better than the debut cdr. This was recorded, mixed and mastered during October/November 2013 and released a few days ago in bandcamp for streaming, for physical copies contact S.
Tribünal  discography also includes a contribution in Freedom Punker vol. 12 comp.

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