Nihidlum-Verso Il Nulla Creatore (2011,tape/cdr)

Nihildum is a stenchore band from Rome, Italy and Verso ll Nula Creatore is their first demo, they were formed in 2010 and include people who were in Dirty Power Game, Post Fata Resurgo  Krush of Humanity and others. They toured in several countries in Europe (Germany,Slovenia, Czech Republic, England, Holland etc etc) and self-released Verso ll Nula Creatore (towards the creating void)  in 2011 on tape and cdr format. The demo consists of seven tracks including an instrumental Intro and Outro and deliver downtempo, pessimistic and depressive stenchcore with metal driven guitar riffs and brutal deep low throaty vocals. Sometimes the rhythm section adds some speed and the whole thrashing shit steps away from the Misery/Deviated Instinct hell and reminds the crust/thrash metal of Sacrilege. The Intro is a slow track while the rest songs merge fast and mid-paced thrashing parts and slower even doomy passages (check La  Marcia Degli Autonomi and the almost Bolt Thrower mournful part in 2:30). The whole demo is lenghty and lasts over 34 minutes and with titles such as La fine dell'umanità (Good Bye Humanity) its obvious what they deal about in their lyrics. Sound quality is decent. As conclusion i 'd say Verso ll Nula Creatore is a journey into inner shadows and despair catacombs, dark and pessimistic, gloomy and agonizing.A nice piece of stenchcore. I wish they continue and bring new stuff soon. Thanx Mario and cheers!


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