Zudas Krust-Dogs of the Doomland 7"

Raw punk D-beaters Zudas Krust hail from Jakarta, Indonesia and here is their Dogs of the Doomland ep, we have met them when i posted their tape Matanza Y Muerte Masiva in 2009 and their 3 way split with Abnorn and Rajoitus back in 2008. This is the first vinyl release for these punks who carry the flag since 2008 and have a shitload of cdr and tape and split releases under their belt (check it here). Dogs of the Doomland was recorded during the summer of 2012 and was mastered by Jack Control (World Burns to Death, Severed Head of State) at Enorous Door Studios. It was released by Doombringer Records (Indonesia), Live Fast Die Drunk Records (Australia), Rauha Turva Records (Czech Rep) and Delusion of Terror Records (Philippines) in 2013. Music wise delivers five songs and nearly nine minutes of raw d-beat crust in the vein of Framtid. Pisschrist, Kromosom and the likes. Sound wise, J. Control did great work and the band delivers D-Beat crust via excellent and clear sound keeping the appropriate rate of rawness and distortion, the singer shouts in Indonesian language, one song has lyrics in English and inside the cover you will find all information about the record, lyrics, a small sheet-poster and translation of lyrics in English. All and all this is an excellent record, there's nothing to complain about and delivers the goods.
Download link is provided by Shane from Live Fast, Die Drunk Rec.s (thanks and best wishes!) and includes artwork, there is also a youtube vid with the 7", here.


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