Prag-Demo tape 2013

Here's something a little bit different: Prag come from Perth, western Australia, they include people of Helta Skelta and  Nervous Trend, The demo was recorded in 2013 and comes on tape format. Musically takes main influences from 80's Italian hardcore (Raw Power, Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, Declino etc), Spanish punk (Ultimo Resorte), Finnish hardcore (Kaaos), and L.A. punk such as The Germs. The tape consists of six songs and delivers a blending of the aforementioned bands in '00's sound: This is old school hardcore with modern sound, sometimes fast and raging and sometimes get the speed down to mid-paced pathways, vocals are angry and shouted and full of reverb and echoes, sound quality is decent. This is full of energy and power and avoids to be sloppy and boring. Without reinventing the wheel delivers some nice tunes by paying homage to their influences, as they say "The goal of the band was to do a modern take on classic Italian, Spanish and Finnish HC Punk". All and all this is a nice demo and old school hardoce fans will like it.This is going to come out in next month (December 2013) by Space Ritual ( a label run by a band member) and for next year there are plans for a 7 inch ep. The demo is available for free streaming/downloading in bandcamp, you can also warch it the youtube vid of it, here. Thanx to Jon for sending this and best wishes!



Anonymous said...

Declino was italian band, from Turin.. :)

7inchcrust said...

thanx,corrected :)

Anonymous said...

I don't here Último Resorte there at all... More recent NYC influence though. The band sounds good anyway.