Komplott-Sei Vivo, Sei Morto A Nessuno Importa 12"

Time for chaotic shit: Komplott come from Bologna, Italy and include people from Giuda, Holy and Horror Vacui, they were formed in early 2013 and Sei Vivo, Sei Morto A Nessuno Importa is their frist release, it comes on tape format in 100 copies on Flophouse Records and also on vinyl 12 inch format on Complotto Autoproduzioni (band's own label) in 250 black and 50 red copies (Preordering of tape / LP will include a free download of the record in mp3 high quality format) .
I don't know what their name means but i  can say Komplott deliver the goods: Sei Vivo.. consists of six songs or pure and raw D-beat reminding Warvictims, Electric Funeral and such acts, they don't reinvent the wheel but offer something being played before but they deliver it with passion and power. Sei Vivo.. is full of noisy anger, intensity and wrath, the guitar delivers the usual raw and distorted sound that's familiar to the D-beat  territory, the singer's voice seems to suffocate and drown in despair and reverb effects, lyrics are in Italian but i suspect they deal with the usual topics, (lyrics are included in bandcamp), sound wise this brigs rawness and distortion in the appropriate measures and how could this be bad when include members from the aforementioned bands? there is nothing to complain about it, i wish only there were more songs (i listen it twice or thrice each time i listen it), all and all this is a promising release and i would like to listen new stuff by them soon. Cheers and best wishes and thanks for sending this.


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