Eaten Raw-Demo cdr 2012

I had discovered this band via bandcamp some months ago when they uploaded some demo songs and now i received a mail by the band with a link with their demo: Eaten Raw hail from Umeå, Sweden and members are spread out in Luleå, Umeå and Malmö, they formed in late 2010 and include people from Auktion and Dodeskaden. So far they recorded a couple of demos and a split lp with Misanthropic is going to come out on Halvabrikat Records. The demo here is a merge of their first demos, recorded in 2011 and '12  and consists of eight songs and sixteen minutes of heavy hardcore punk full of energy and power, angry shouted vocals full of rage, harsh guitar with crusty flavor and nice riffage, heavy pounding bass and fast bashing drums with the usual dose of D-beat. Sometimes they slow down the fast beat and deliver some wrathful mid paced parts. Sound quality is excellent. The demo comes in cdr format and despite it consists songs from different recordings (the first five songs wee recorded in February 2012 while the last three in May 2011) there are not any listenable sound quality differences so the release sounds like one solid recording. All and this is a nice work for hardcore fans. Download link is provided by the band, many thanks for sending this and apologies for the delay.


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