Forced Isolation-demo 2012

Forced Isolation were a short lived power violence/hardcore duet from Bloomington, Illinois, United States, who existed only for the year of 2012. They made one demo and played one show before both members moved away and the band had to stop. The demo was later released as a limited to 50 hand-numbered copies split tape with Psychotic Sufferance from Malaysia on DumpsterScore Home Recordings. Vince moved to Chicago and plays in various punk bands around the city and Andy now lives in Oregon and continues to make noise records.
The demo consists of six songs and is available for free in bandcamp, it comes with cover artwork and lyrics. Music wise delivers earbleeding and distorted powerviolence grindcore with electronic elements, sometimes flirting with electro-noise territory, vocals are cacophonous desperate shouts spitting hate and rage:"I hate nothing in this world more than i hate you", "Slow breathing. Gasping for air. No escape. Left behind. I can't take back who I am"., there are not any hyperspeeded blast beat walls of noise here, some songs are emotional, slow and doomy, filled with electronic noises and bring feelings of despair and isolation. All and all, this is soul tormening and hard to listen, this is available for free in bandcamp, thanks Andy and best wishes!


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