Full of Hell-Rudiments of Mutilation lp (2013,A389 Records)

I didn't know this band until i receved a mail by them asking me to post their record, so here it is a many apologies for the long delay. Full of Hell is a grindcore quartet from Maryland and Pensilvania, United States and Rudiments of Mutilation is their second full lenght lp, following a shitload of ep's and split ep's (check here) and Roots of Earth are Consuming My Home lp from 2011. Before saying anything about the record i suggest you to check this Cvltnation interview: By the time they were starting as band, members were in the age of 12-15 years old, yes 12 years old kids! I haven't listened their previous works so i can't say anything about differences to their music direction so i ll just focus on Rudiments....  Music wise this is brutal and atrocious grindcore, an endless feedback of merciless noise in the vein of Napalm Death, rooted in the punk/hardcore side of things since they include extreme hardcore hints reminding Dystopia and Converge, powerviolence  elements of Man is the Bastard and some sludge hints in the slower and doomy parts that pop up many times. Some songs are fast outbreaks, others deliver slow sonic torments mixing the aforementioned hardcore punk, powerviolence and sludge elements. As expected vocals are brutal growls and lyric wise there is a free falling into inner darkness and annihilation The record consists of ten songs and is released by A389 Rescords. All and all this is a solid and harsh release full of hatred and disgust.
Download link is provided by the band, A389 Rec.s offers the record for streaming in bandcamp. My apollogies to the band for the long to delay to post your record.


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