Woes-Valley of Desolation

Woes is a raw black metal/d-beat act from Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK. they formed in 2011 by "three pissed off and broke Metal fans / former squatters in Bradford" and later a singer (who was previously in some Leeds based bands) joined the band. They have appeared in several gigs with bands such as Sufferinfuck, Mangle and Deviated Instinct. Valley of Desolation is their six track demo, recorded in spring '13 and was followed by the Throne of Krom, split with Diswarp. The demo is a piece of sonic vomit, a cauldron in hell where raw black metal and d-beat are boiling and born a hellish creature: Guitar and bass are raw and chaotic, drums are frantic with blast beats and D-beat elements, vocals are insane. Having these classic black metal bands as influences (Darkthrone, early Bathory, Burzum, Drudkh etc) they add some D-beat and create a  ferocious monster. Sound wise, they sound raw and primitive, as they said in their mail "It is a bit of a lo-fi effort but we are very into raw Black Metal / D-beat and we were aiming for 'Dungeon quality' (or less) as we call it"
And since Burzum is among the bands they are influenced by, here some shit they say in the farcebook page: "Woes lyrics are based on Norse / Brythonic Mythology / references to historic warfare / Pagan rituals / Runic symbolism and takes musical influence from bands like Burzum, Graveland and Drudkh however Woes strongly opposes National Socialism, Fascism and Racist ideologies"
Valley of Desolation is available for streaming in bands badcamp, thanx to Joe for sending this.


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