Conspiracy Of Denial-st lp (Scarecrow, World's Appreciated Kitch)

Conspiracy Of Denial is a female fronted crust band from Greece and this is their fresh new lp released by Scarecrow Records and World's Appreciated Kitsch, the band was formed a few years ago and members were involved with  Injekting Khaos and Katiusha.This is their first official release after their amazing three track demo cdr recorded in 2011. The record comes in (typical black) vinyl format and a sheet with lyrics is included. Music wise they deliver melodic crust and once again just like many cases its hard not to mention the usually expected bands: Tragedy, From Ashes Rise, Wolfbrigade, To What End etc, there are nine tracks including the 3 demo songs and 25 mimutes of nice guitar riffs, melodic and pessimistic leading parts and a d-beat driven rhythm section. The girl who sings has nice voice and delivers the goods, there are some male vocals here and there, lyrics are in Eglish, (two songs are in Greek) and describe personal nightmares and fears ("The world has fallen, only ruins remain, Deathlike silence cuttung the air", "Pain and suffering is all i can rely, there is no tomorrow without new regrets") the sound quality is excellent. All and all this is a great debute record so score a copy from Scarecrow or World's Appreciated Kitsch , this is still in print and also available for streaming and free downloading in bancamp.


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