Revengance-Complacent Complacency 7"

 Revengeance come from Lisboa and Viana do Castelo, Portugal and Complacent Complacency (Ruin Records) is their latest ep. We know the band from a post in spring of '12 when i posted John Q. Citizen demo tape, here. Their discography includes also North/South Go! split tape with Tinnitus. Complacent Complacency comes on vinyl and  250 copies on printed foldover sleeve and delivers twelve songs of raging fastcore - powerviolence in the vein of  Dropdead, Negative Approach and others. This is fast and frantic with male/female vocals there are only a few slower/midpaced breaks, the record mostly runs in fast and faster speed, lyrically they deliver their wrath against a collapsing society and the despair in front of  present's misery and the darkness f upcoming future. Just like the other releases of band, Complacent Complacency is available for streaming and downloading in bandcamp (lyrics incuded), mediafire link is provided by the band, thanx to the band for sending this and my apologies for the delay

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