ABC Weapons-Exessum

There is no need for much ranting here: ABC Weapons were one of the most important crust bands from Australia, they released some great records and it's been a long time since they called it a day, members continued in other bands (Schifosi, Pisschrist, Kromosom).  Exessum is unreleased recorded material from 2006 that never saw the light of day on vinyl or cd format, Yellowdog Rec.s was supposed to release this and since things didn't work out, band members decided to upload it on bandcamp and sell it for only 5 AUD. Eight tracks of dark crust blending Tragedy with Scandinavian and Japanese hardcore. Along with the songs you get the lyrics.
You can download band's discography in Fugitive Equilibrium (thanx Marc!)


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Batguano said...

No, thank YOU, sir! I've been waiting to hear these songs forever! If anyone's interested, the other two records just got re-upped.