Disable-Fear, War, And The Bomb (2010,self-released)

Disable from Atlanta, USA need no any introduction, people who are into rawpunk and dis-noise know them well, i posted Blitzkrieg Nights tape about a year ago, here is their first tape Fear, War, And The Bomb, self-released in 2010. . I can't remember how many copies were made (probably 100-150 or so), the tape came in three cover colors (red, yellow and white) and consists of eight songs including two Disclose covers (Holocaust of War and Coquest) and delivers .a delirium of raw, chaotic and distorted d-beat punk in the vein of Disclose, Giftgasattack and the likes. I don't need to say anything else, go and get it, members of Disable were also in the short lived bands Disfigure (their '09 tape is here) and Sk√§nka (yeah i know i promised to post their demo tape but since Rawmantic Disaster Records released it on vinyl, this post will come later.
Download link is provided by Greg, thank you my friend and cheers!


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