Entierro-Demo 2008

Entierro were as shortlived crust project from Barcelona, Spain and all i know and found on web about them is the 4 way split with Hijxs Taradxs, Totälickers and Bad Taste, released by a bunch of labels in 2010. They included people involved with loads of bands such as Violent Headache, Angry Mob, Disputa, Mobcharge, Disundead, Afghanistan Ye-Yes, Instinto, Hermanos Pollo, Holocaust in your Head and many others.  Entierro from Barcelona shouldn't be confused with  the sludge band Destino/Entierro from the city of Tarragona, Catalunia since is a different and not related with these punks band.  Entierro contributed four songs (three tracks plus one intro) in this split lp, these songs were recorded for a demo back in 2008 and finally saw the light of day two years later in this split. The demo i received consists of only two songs, maybe Tonyo forgot the 3rd one or this was recorded in a different session, no matter what, many thanx to Tonyo for this and best wishes to his current project!
this is it and apologies, no cover artwork here, ....


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