Disease-.​.​.​till there's nothing left ep 2013

Raw D-beat noise makers Disease strike again with one more release, ​we have met their Disclose/Discharge/Doom worship some months ago when i posted their previous releases. ...till there's nothing left ep is their latest ep and delivers three songs of raw D-beat punk similar to their other releases and deliver the goods. These tracks come from the Another Nuclear Age session recordings  and were supposed to appear in a split with a Dischaos from Brazil but things didn't work out so they decided to release this stuff as (probably  in the near future) on cd format). As expected lyrics deal with the usual anti-war topics and cover artwork is in the familiar war themed and black and white style of D-beat genre and is great. Sound quality is in the same descent level as their previous releases. As i said this is their latest release but not the last one since they appear with new songs in a 4 way split that will pop up soon and its always nice to see quality mixed with productivity, well done guys!


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